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Why is it that I am so closed?

I would love to be open and transparent. But, I have a block. Somewhere I picked up the “you first” attitude. Do I over react to complaints about me? Perhaps. Boy, my Personal Akashic Record must be a wild ride

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Today I would like to put down in writing what I have been thinking about Life, The Universe, and Everything

Yes, Douglas Adams already told us the answer to the question of Life, The Universe, and Everything is 42, but I want to be a little more explicit. I have been thinking a lot about The Law of One lately.

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Belief in destiny, light, and love

In the beginning was God. (God was in dimension zero, otherwise it would be pointless.) God said, “Let there be light, and light was.” (So, light is not synonymous with God. Right?) Before light, God was. God created light by

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