Little Fool — my mascot

Little Fool, my mascot, was salvaged from New Orleans many years ago.

Little Fool is gender neutral because anyone can play a fool.

Little Fool is aptly dressed as a Court Jester, one whom most simply tolerate because of provided entertainment.


If you look closely at the face of Little Fool, you will notice a non-smiling pout and eyes frozen in mid-roll. Yet Little Fool continues to listen to everyone, taking in information and gossip, not to spread maliciously, but to learn from the mistakes of others.

Little Fool is an icon representing The Fool. Many simply ignore The Fool.

Why The Fool?

Biblically The Fool is scorned in every way. The only times a fool is possibly shed in positive light is when Paul, the Apostle uses the term for himself, in a most sarcastic manner. For example:

1 Corinthians 4:6-13 — International Standard Version (ISV)

(Faithful Servants of the Messiah – Fools for the Messiah’s Sake)

6 Brothers, I have applied all this to Apollos and myself for your benefit, so that you may learn from us not to go beyond what the Scriptures say. Then you will stop boasting about one person at the expense of another.

7 For who makes you superior? What do you have that you did not receive? And if you did receive it, why do you boast as though you did not receive it?

8 You already have all you want! You have already become rich! You have become kings without us! I wish you really were kings so that we could be kings with you!

9 For it seems to me that God has put us apostles on display in last place, like men condemned to death. We have become a spectacle for the world, for angels, and for people to stare at.

10 We are fools for the Messiah’s sake, but you are wise in the Messiah. We are weak, but you are strong. You are honored, but we are dishonored.

11 We are hungry, thirsty, dressed in rags, brutally treated, and homeless, right up to the present.

12 We wear ourselves out from working with our own hands. When insulted, we bless. When persecuted, we endure.

13 When slandered, we answer with kind words. Even now we have become the filth of the world, the scum of the universe.

At one time, Heresyman promoted himself as a “Fool For Christ” because of the writings of Paul. Yes, but the root of the choice of The Fool is not based on this biblical connection because Heresyman has since abandoned strict connection with The Church. No, I am afraid The Bible is not the best place to seek an answer to Heresyman’s choice.

This may raise some eyebrows: If you slip to the shadows of Tarot, you will find a better explanation. Don’t be frightened by the occulted origin. In Tarot, there is a card called The Fool. This series of Arcana cards tells the story of The Fool’s Journey. It is a metaphor for the life of everyone. The Fool is the beginning of life.

(The following is excerpted from )

The Major Arcana of Tarot: The Fool’s Journey

The Fool’s Journey is a metaphor for the journey through life. Each major arcana card stands for a stage on that journey – an experience that a person must incorporate to realize his wholeness. These 22 descriptions are based on the keywords for each major arcana card. The keywords are highlighted in the text. A card’s number is in parentheses.

We begin with the Fool (0), a card of beginnings.

The Fool stands for each of us as we begin our journey of life. He is a fool because only a simple soul has the innocent faith to undertake such a journey with all its hazards and pain.

At the start of his trip, the Fool is a newborn – fresh, open and spontaneous. The figure on Card 0 has his arms flung wide, and his head held high. He is ready to embrace whatever comes his way, but he is also oblivious to the cliff edge he is about to cross. The Fool is unaware of the hardships he will face as he ventures out to learn the lessons of the world.

The Fool stands somewhat outside the rest of the major arcana. Zero is an unusual number. It rests in the exact middle of the number system – poised between the positive and negative. At birth, the Fool is set in the middle of his own individual universe. He is strangely empty (as is zero), but imbued with a desire to go forth and learn. This undertaking would seem to be folly, but is it?

The Fool experiences life as full and meaningful. The future is filled with infinite promise. In line with his personal calling, he becomes actively involved in the world. He renders service by sharing his unique gifts and talents and finds that he prospers at whatever he attempts. Because he acts from inner certainty, the whole world conspires to see that his efforts are rewarded. His accomplishments are many.

So, the Fool’s Journey was not so foolish after all. Through perseverance and honesty, he reestablished the spontaneous courage that first impelled him on his search for Self, but now he is fully aware of his place in the world. This cycle is over, but, the Fool will never stop growing. Soon he will be ready to begin a new journey that will lead him to ever greater levels of understanding.

Every transformation has a beginning. The Fool represents transformation of the individual.

I guess we can jump back to the bible one more time for those who are too wise to be foolish:

1 Corinthians 3:18 — International Standard Version (ISV)

(True Wisdom)

Let no one deceive himself. If any of you thinks he is wise in the ways of this world, he must become a fool to become really wise.

Questions are foolish so Question Everything!

Little Fool is the chosen travel Icon of Heresyman. Henceforth Little Fool will accompany on all travels as a visual marker.

(Secret: Little Fool is a bond between S&L, symbol of the Transformation of WU.)