2 to 3

I am excited about the future. I am worried about the future. Boy, this balance thing is everywhere.

I can only affect so much with my diminished sphere of influence. (I hope authoring is the best way to enlarge the sphere.)

I believe that the American system of Government works because of the two party and three branches. (Let’s not get into how this controls the masses, just spin your fidget spinner and forget about it.)

I always felt that the pendulum swings between the two parties, and the three branches keep the swing from going too far. This ticking back and forth keeps the country running in balance.

I am really watching things with Donald Trump and the Alternative Right. It seems the swing was too fast and too far this time. Something is broken. I expect a big correction, (providing my belief is based on anything real). It seems the damage possibly being done to the whole world is too much… I hope we can get it corrected soon.

Of course, there are those who believe this IS the correction.


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