The Meaning of Life

Let’s get back to what I posted yesterday…

Interpretation gives meaning to Fact

Story gives meaning to Life

Two fundamental sources of Meaning of which I have recently become aware.

The first I learned at Legends Academy, through, which is the one I focused on yesterday.

The other Meaning spoken of is given to LIFE. What gives Meaning to LIFE is Story. This I learned from Karen Curry Parker and her teachings of Human Design.

People spend their life searching for the meaning of life… and it seems a fantastic quest. Yet, we all have meaning in our life already, and it is put there by the stories we hear, read, see, and live.

So, if the stories are what gives meaning to life… the stories we put in ourselves really do matter. The movies we watch. The books we read. The television we watch. The things we do. The life we lead.

Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, are movies that have given my life meaning. The Expanse is currently giving my life meaning. I’ve a serious SciFi problem.

There is so much I need to think about… Hero with a Thousand Faces, by Joseph Campbell comes to mind. There is a reason everyone on the planet are drawn to the same story… and when the story is of the Hero’s Journey, it resonates around the world.

It is important that we write our own story, I think. It is important that we choose the stories we allow in our lives.

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