Interpretation and Story

Interpretation gives meaning to Fact

Story gives meaning to Life

Two fundamental sources of Meaning of which I have recently become aware. The first I learned at Legends Academy, through

This academe was founded by Jeremy Bellotti and I am fortunate enough to be a part of it. What, you may ask, is this Academy, and why is it called Legends?

Well, let’s look at what the word “Legend” means… (I take particular notice that there are four meaning given)


Old story – Myth

Person – inspiring

Inscription – tomb or coin

Map – Symbols explained

Perhaps in a future post, we can go through all four, but today I’d like to focus on that section of a map called the Legend. Usually this is a box or area down in the corner where scale in miles, and symbols used are explained. It often has a compass pointing north so the orientation of the map is known.

I have a map book (in English – romanji) of Tokyo in which the different pages have different scales of size. (I used Thomas Bros. Maps in the US, all the pages were to the same scale) It was disorienting until I realized this, because I used it to walk around Tokyo, and sometimes I would be walking much longer than I expected. Or, I would pass what I was looking for because I thought it would take longer.

Now, picture this… you have a map but the legend is not correct for that particular map. The symbols used do not match those used on the map. As you move around and discover what is represented, you can mark up the Legend to correct what is there.

In each of our lives, we have a Legend guiding us through life. For most (read all) of us, this Legend is broken. The symbols are all screwed up, so we don’t really know what is happening… Jeremy Bellotti has recognized a way to understand how to work on our Legend and correct it. I took what he taught and illustrated my understanding of it.

Start with the acronym FEAR = Fact -> Emotion -> Action -> Result

In this illustration, I represent the Fact with the Sun. It is a Fact, it shines and never changes because it is a Fact. Now, because I am a bit partial to the tetrahedron, I use it to represent YOU. As such, the light of the Sun shines down and you block some of that light, casting a shadow. This shadow you create represents the Result of that Fact because you are there. See, because you are tetrahedral in nature, you will cast a shadow which represents the Emotion and Response you have because of that Fact.

Now, keep in mind that there is a side to the tetrahedral YOU that is hidden from view. We will label this side, Interpretation. Your Interpretation is the ONLY THING that determines your Emotion, which is the ONLY THING that determines your Action in response to that Emotion.

Cutting to the chase, if you always interpret the Fact in a certain way, you will always have the same Emotion triggered, and this results in you always taking the same action, which will ALWAYS end with the same Result.

We can’t change the Fact. We can’t change the Emotional response to that Fact. This is why we ALWAYS get the same result. But, if you mindfully change your interpretation, you will get a DIFFERENT Emotion in response to the same Fact.

So, the only way to deal with FEAR is to insert “i” in it. FiEAR is the complete picture… and the “i” is what you CAN CHANGE.

More on this later…

Now, the other Meaning spoken of above is given to LIFE. What gives Meaning to LIFE is Story. This I learned from Karen Curry Parker and her teachings of Human Design.

Between Legends Academy at Lurn and the Joyful Mission Courses of Karen’s Human Design Teachings, I have gained new insights into what we can do to make life on Earth better for EVERYONE. This is my goal in life…

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