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Hey Mulder and Scully, Shift Happens!

The X-Files started up again last week… the first two episodes have not disappointed. Is it a part of disclosure? I suppose time will tell… unless the cabal wins. The first episode of “Black Mirror” may be a hint of

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All work and no play

…makes Jack a dull boy. No TV and no beer makes Homer something, something. (Go crazy?!?) Don’t mind if I do! I remember the movie I saw on TV in my teens titled The Monitors. It was about an alien

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I woke thinking of Hope this morning

Alabama pulled through yesterday. Restored is my belief in the America I grew up with. An America of Hopes and Dreams. An America which will pause to do the right thing. An America which makes mistakes, but an America which

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The Curse of Oak Island

Daniel McGinnis of Nova Scotia came across a depression in the ground near an oak tree while exploring Oak Island in 1795. They dug in the dirt in hopes of finding treasure but hit a wooden platform. They lifted it

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Why I am so weird

I have come across the term StarChild again. I had at one point in my life believed I may be one. Somehow, I let that idea slip away as silly. I found out yesterday I happen to be in the

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Darkest before the dawn

I had a dream once, a long time ago (in high school). In the dream, all light was gone. There was no electricity for the lights. Even outside, there was only pitch black. It was dark and had no sight.

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What am I to do with what I know?

I would like to believe I am here for a reason, but I just don’t know. It could also be that I am just here. One thing I do know is I am who I am. I wonder if that

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October and Friday the 13th, the end and the beginning

In 1307, on Friday the 13th of October began the routing of the Knights Templar ending seven years later with the burning alive of Jacques de Molay. A decent article about this can be found here: It was the

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A while ago we finished up “The Get Down” on Netflix

This 11-episode story told the story of boys from the Bronx and the birth of Hip Hop. Once we got through the first 3 episodes, we were hooked. It is a binge-worthy series. Set in 1977, the cultural references were

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Secrets of Keepers – Keepers of Secrets

Finished watching “The Keepers” on Netflix a while back. A sordid tale of sexual abuse in the catholic church. It is more a tale of the cover-up of abuse. (A worthy binge which just gets crazier each episode…) Murder was

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