Month: November 2017

The Curse of Oak Island

Daniel McGinnis of Nova Scotia came across a depression in the ground near an oak tree while exploring Oak Island in 1795. They dug in the dirt in hopes of finding treasure but hit a wooden platform. They lifted it

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I am a writer and I like to write

Do I write because I am a writer, or am I a writer because I write? I like to communicate through the written word. I just don’t know if others appreciate to communicate this way any longer. I thought reading

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Importance of Individuality

I feel I have been in mental traction and am now just out of bed. I can move, but am very stiff and atrophied. Still need (mental) therapy, stretching, moving, resting. I am a DIYer with this. Perhaps this can

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Tooth Fairy dreams

Dream a week or so ago: Looking in the mirror I noticed my two front teeth were chipped. Looking closer, the chip was rather large, almost half of my two front teeth were missing, more from the left one, which

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Economic ramble

I have tried to understand the economics of star trek. There is a blend of all governments which seems to work. Perhaps a pipe dream, but perhaps a reality in the making. Think and grow rich. What is a reasonable

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What is that smell?

I have been investing in myself for the year and a half since I was fired. It is time to break whatever is damming up the outflow, so the backup can drain and there is room to flow in. I

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I woke and came downstairs like normal

…but the norms are all off… my computer restarted last night, so I had to allow it time to bootup. So, I decided to watch an episode of Hollywood Decoded on my iPad while I waited. The subject of this

Why I am so weird

I have come across the term StarChild again. I had at one point in my life believed I may be one. Somehow, I let that idea slip away as silly. I found out yesterday I happen to be in the

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Darkest before the dawn

I had a dream once, a long time ago (in high school). In the dream, all light was gone. There was no electricity for the lights. Even outside, there was only pitch black. It was dark and had no sight.

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Thirty-three if

The beginning of this month would’ve been my 33rd wedding anniversary, if I had stayed married. Officially the marriage failed after 30 years, but realistically it failed after 25. I had 5 years of descent in which I had already

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