Month: February 2018

Ha-ha world

Ha-ha world Every day I used to write you a letter But you never wrote back And you never made me feel any better This first verse of Larry Norman’s ‘Ha-ha World” has been going through my mind for the

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The Heresyman persona is about finished

I am losing interested in putting my views out in public. My attempts at letting people know who I am have run their course. I have begun to believe there really is no one who wants to know me. Sure,

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What is my blog all about?

I started to write every morning as soon as I woke up as an exercise in discipline. Having read the book, The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, I was a fan of Morning Pages. Julia taught us to get a

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Status Snapshot

I am different. I am okay with that. I try. I am. – Instinct, Intellect, Intuition, Intention. (The book I am writing.) Everything I believed in was wrong. I am restructuring my belief system to encompass what I have learned

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Mankind is an engineered species

Created from indigenous monkeys between 400,000 and 200,000 years ago. Hybrids using DNA from Anunnaki (a space faring race colonizing our solar system) and were created to be servants. The Anunnaki are the gods of old and the creators of

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Ideacide – washing brains clean of infections

(A new word I’ve just coined.) Boy, my life is sure influenced by the movies I’ve seen and the books I’ve read. My meme infections must be diverse and plentiful! It is a wonder I can still function. Memes are

Anunnaki first genetically created mankind

There is truly a lot we don’t know. It is as if mankind has been subjugated. The dark ages may have erased more than we could possibly know about our history. It is a bit crazy to think that our

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Time for everything

Better late than never. I am not sure about that, is it better to stop an assassin after he’s pulled the trigger? Well, perhaps you can prevent a future assassination. But, that platitude is used by slackers and procrastinators. Now

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Time marches on

Time – It is the half dimension. One Way! (Well, unless you have TTTech (Time Travel Technology.)) Getting caught in a timeloop is always a danger, in fact, some believe we are stuck in one since the government started playing

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Centered Self

“Center yourself” is a call to take stock of where you are. But, knowing what we know about the four aspects, that center is The Source. Finding your center is connecting with The Source. The Source is infinity within. Balance

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