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Where did the year go?

My Love and I are going to share one of these Advent Calendar from David’s Tea. Today is the first day of December, so we were all ready to get started with it. But, I happened to look up Advent

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The opposite of love is not hate…

Today I finished reading Bob Woodward’s latest: Fear – Trump in the White House I must say, I took longer reading this than expected. Not because it is particularly hard to read, but because I have a lot going on,

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Today is Pearl Harbor Day

…a day that will live in infamy. For me, that is ancient history, and I love Japan. Growing up, I was taught the Germans and Japanese were our enemies, because my mother was from England and my father from America.

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What if God was one of us?

(We are in HIS image, eh?) …the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. (John 1:14) I had this earworm eating into my brain today: What if God was one of us? Just a slob like one of us

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Importance of Individuality

I feel I have been in mental traction and am now just out of bed. I can move, but am very stiff and atrophied. Still need (mental) therapy, stretching, moving, resting. I am a DIYer with this. Perhaps this can

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Thirty-three if

The beginning of this month would’ve been my 33rd wedding anniversary, if I had stayed married. Officially the marriage failed after 30 years, but realistically it failed after 25. I had 5 years of descent in which I had already

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What am I to do with what I know?

I would like to believe I am here for a reason, but I just don’t know. It could also be that I am just here. One thing I do know is I am who I am. I wonder if that

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Accidental Shooting

What are “trigger words”? These are words which trigger emotions / thoughts / automatic actions, etc. A good copywriter knows many trigger words and uses them in copy to invoke action. That is what the title of today’s post was

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People who keep secrets do so only for reasons of power

Thinking back to my marriage which ended after 30 years. I spent over 20 years working hard to make it work. It takes two. I believe I did my part for at least 24 years. My wife was a good

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Things I remember about my dad

The earliest job I remember my dad having was when he was a policeman for the city of Toledo. I remember he worked hard at everything he did, and always managed to have fun too. It was 50 years ago

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