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It’s about time…

It’s that time of year again… early in the morning our clocks will suddenly be wrong. The Powers That Be (PTB) have declared our clocks should “spring forward” an hour. So, when we wake up in the morning, we will

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The ringing of a bell is a signal. “The bells… I can hear the bells!” -Quasimodo “Whenever a bell rings, an angel gets its wings!” – Zuzu Bailey Yes, a play on words. Yes, the quotes are from fictional characters.

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It’s a four way match!

I received a surprise package a few days ago. These were shrink wrapped on a piece of cardboard and placed in a box with a note. The note told me of a person who collected matchbooks from all over during

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Super Bowl LIII in Prophecy?

When I saw the logos for the teams in this year’s Super Bowl, it reminded me of an end times prophecy in Daniel chapter 8. Why? Because the logo for the Patriots looks like a horn. A single horn. The

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The battle of little horn – the last Trump

I’ve posted before about the belief that Donald Trump is in his position at the Hand of God. (See Gobsmacked) I was fascinated by this video I came upon which expands on the Trump Prophecy and claims the Final Trump

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This is the End

2018 is over today… As part of my annual New Year celebration, I watched a few episodes of The Twilight Zone. One that stood out was “Four O’Clock” which is episode 94 (season 3, number 29) because it reminded me

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Blowing Up

My first job at Disneyland, which I had when I was sixteen. At the time, Disneyland had a policy of hiring only people who were 18 or older, but a lessee could hire younger. (A lessee was a company which

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Etcetera – etcetera

We went to see the musical “The King and I” on stage last Thursday. I remember seeing the movie with Yul Brenner, so I was ready for a boring evening. But, as the show unfolded, it was new to me.

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Anchor Away – RIP Chris Burrous

Shocked. Never did I expect to see the news report that Chris Burrous passed.  He was such a goof, I often thought that that was just how I would be if I anchored a news station. The first time I

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Reading – Fundamental

I am a self described bibliophile. I love to read. I can spend hours in a good used book store and am sorry they are not easy to find any longer. I loved going to Border’s Books when they were

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