Month: June 2017

Metaphysical, what does THAT mean?

The “Meta” prefix connotates inclusion of something more than physical, right? Or does it simply include the unseen physical? Air is physical. We cannot see it. We know it is there by things it affects. We can only see trees

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The gravity of the situation

What is this mysterious force we know as gravity? It is a swirling vortex of energy transferring in a toroidal loop (mmmmmmm, doughnut!). It is ex nihilo, where something is made from nothing in the hologram which makes up everything.

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Another dream – Hope for the future

I was in someone else’s house when there was some disturbance from down the hallway in one of the bedrooms. I went in the bedroom to see what was going on. It was a teenage girl’s room and there was

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A token of appreciation

The flight back from Maui boarded on time. I found my seat, 16B, (dreaded center seat), and waited for the rest of the plane to load. I secretly hoped nobody would have one of the seats next to me so

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Mustard Seed – get that nest egg growing

One night I had a text conversation with a long-time friend. He asked me if I would retire soon. (Seemed out of left field, but I guess I am at that age now.) I told him not for a long

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God with a big G and gods with a little g. It is curious how humans prefer to look outside of themselves. Looking for someone to blame. Shirking responsibility. Principalities and Powers are the hierarchy we build to save us

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Sat in Terminal 4 at LAX. I patiently waited for my flight scheduled to leave at 8:25a. Arrived 2 hours before at American Airlines suggestion. I did my part. The aircraft had an electrical problem, they said. Hopefully only a

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The crux of our dilemma

Each of us holds the power to alter the universe. We are each the center of the universe. Every thought has potential to manifest. Whatever you think about happens. If you focus on limitation, you will manifest limitation. Clear your

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Confidence and secrets

Why do we keep secrets? (It is said that a secret is something you tell one person at a time…) Perhaps to protect someone, or to gain advantage. What if there were no secrets? What if everything in your mind

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This song was playing in my mind when I woke one morning

Forget your hexagrams, you’ll soon feel fine. Stop looking at the stars, you don’t live under the signs. Don’t mess with Gypsies, or have your fortune read. Keep your tables on the floor, and don’t listen to the dead. The

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