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So here we are

Now that we are here, where do we go? Have we made any progress at all? We is me in plural. Instinct, Intellect, Intuition, and Intention. I am philosophizing internally these days. It’s funny, sitting here, I am drawing a

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Today I would like to put down in writing what I have been thinking about Life, The Universe, and Everything

Yes, Douglas Adams already told us the answer to the question of Life, The Universe, and Everything is 42, but I want to be a little more explicit. I have been thinking a lot about The Law of One lately.

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The gravity of the situation

What is this mysterious force we know as gravity? It is a swirling vortex of energy transferring in a toroidal loop (mmmmmmm, doughnut!). It is ex nihilo, where something is made from nothing in the hologram which makes up everything.

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