So here we are

Now that we are here, where do we go? Have we made any progress at all? We is me in plural. Instinct, Intellect, Intuition, and Intention.

I am philosophizing internally these days. It’s funny, sitting here, I am drawing a blank on all my insights. I guess I can SOC it… start typing repetitively. The following is Stream of Conscious writing:

Instinct is the body. Physicality. Genetic Memes. The firmware of an individual on this plane. Firmware is the instruction set which all software must adhere to. Firmware is alterable, but it requires a physical change, chemically, electrically, or perhaps even Gene Therapy. PTSD is a firmware change. Schizophrenia is a firmware change. Psychoactive drugs can change firmware. It is your BIOS that is changed.

So, if Instinct is firmware, it stands to reason that Intellect is software. It is more malleable and temporary. Both are systematic. Both are physical. Both are contained within the body. Both are required for physical life to continue. You can be “offline” and still be alive and autonomous. This physical aspect duality is your avatar on this plane. A physical representation of you. It is you, but only when you are there. The avatar can exist without you. Instinct and Intellect is physical you, yet you can and do exist outside of this firmware/software physicality. Body and Mind.

Let’s look at who you REALLY are. The Intuition/Intention ethereal you. Here we get a little less clarity. Action and Intent, the true AI which is you. Intuition is the Action you take. It is your soul. Much more difficult to nail down the exact action at any moment in time. It is the change rather than location of who you are. Location is where you are, change is motion, and is where you’re going. Uncertainty. Intention is the why. If you can understand your intention, regardless of origin of that intention, you know the answer to why you are. Intuition and Intention are timeless and non-physical. Soul and Spirit.

All four aspects may be viewed individually but are fully integrated. There is a pair of pairs. Body and Mind are the first pair, and Soul and Spirit are the second. Integration between aspects on a two-dimensional level for each pair, and on a third dimensional level between the two pairs. Time is only required for observation, not existence. Time is a construct for introspection. An instrument of judgement. Our real existence is outside of time as is our origin. We are all aspects of The One. We are all One. Everything is connected. Physicality is the medium of The One introspection. Infinity is the canvas, Time-Space plus Space-Time. This universe.

Universe, Multiverse, and Omniverse. I am thinking there must be a fourth… perhaps the zero-point is that fourth aspect. Everything is Nothing. Religions that believe all is nothing are right. Religions that believe all is everything are right. Everything is inside time, nothing is outside time. Both statements are true yet misunderstood. Time is a tool of introspection. A spectrum analyzer. The specter of spectrum spectra. I ain’t afraid of no ghost!

Using the words as I do probably require definitions. Perhaps defining as I go is best. Or, perhaps leaving it up to the interpretation of the reader is best. (L. Ron Hubbard made sure to define his words in his writings. Perhaps for a good reason.) Communication is difficult at best. Impossible at worst. If the wrong words are used, or the words are not interpreted correctly, the message is lost. If the words are garbled, at least it is easy to know there is a problem. But when the words are switched, yet somehow coherent, it may be a long time before knowing the message was lost.

A simple message is easily complicated. A complicated message simplified may lose meaning. Yet, concise messages are best.

Sounds complicated

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