Digital dependence

EFT is not the same a Credit. It is an electronic connection to the funds you DO have. Direct transfer from an account should be available. EFT is like writing checks without the wait to cash it. It is instantly transferred, so the check won’t bounce. What if the ATMs did go dark?

The nightmare scenario portrayed in Dark Angel and Mr. Robot could happen. An EMP could take out the electronics required to keep society running. (F*Society) Schizophrenia in government may take us to that point.

Information is the great equalizer. Belief is the retardant. Faith requires both.

I find the companies who make the most $ are selling fear (or porn). Fear-Porn is addictive. Psychology 101

Applying psychology to sales is effective, but it can also be damaging. STS is what does the damage. (What is the antonym of synergy?) Psychology is like any other tool… it can be used to build, create, repair… or it can be used to break, dismantle, destroy. A monkey wrench can be useful in assembling, tightening, loosening, etc. It can also be used for sabotage and murder. STS vs STO is the teaching of RA and the Law of One. STS is a carcinogen. STO is immunity. The body is diseased and in need of a cure.

I am The Doctor! Writing is my Sonic Screwdriver. Let’s have a look…

People do want to buy, but they don’t want to be sold.

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