Month: September 2017

Pizza and Buddha

Back during High School, while working at Shakey’s Pizza, one of the assistant managers gave me a book about Buddha. The next day I gave it back to him. I explained that I read the first chapter were there was

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The Paradigm by Jonathan Cahn – book review

I have just finished reading a new book promising to reveal “The Ancient Blueprint That Holds the Mystery of Our Times” A book right up my alley. Before disclosing my thoughts, I would like to make sure the title makes

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Another Dream which happened about 10 days ago

I was outside of a sanctuary of some sort where smoke from incense was billowing. (A tent, like The Tabernacle.) It was a strong smell at first, then faded to nothing as I went deeper into the smoke. Just outside

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Stupid Questions

The only stupid question is one that isn’t asked. So, I guess I have a lot of stupid questions, because I don’t ask most of the ones that pop into my mind. Stupid is what stupid does. But, in defense

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What is a Pennyworth?

When we think about servants in the bible, we think of an archaic time when slaves were ordinary. It is a concept that bothers me. Slavery is evil. It is also something which still occurs today. So, for those who

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That’s cray-cray!

Archetypes fascinate me, they make up so much of what we believe. The stories we tell. I was just thinking that instead of them being stories which have just become memes, perhaps they are retold because we keep missing the

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PI o’clock in the morning

When I woke. It was 3:14am The dream I had was not upsetting, but I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get back to sleep. It took me at least an hour to fall back asleep, only to be

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Autumnal Equinox Predictive Precursor

A dream I had a week ago: I was drawn to a tree with a crow’s nest at the bottom in a hollow. The tree was a stump, really, no foliage. The crow was making subdued sounds at me. I

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The Go-Getter Paying-It-Forward with The Golden Rule

On 9-11, 2001, I remember turning on my computer and seeing a simple page on the Fox News site stating they were working on getting the news feed back up, there were too many hits on the page. I knew

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Nothing to see here, move along

A little over a week after landfall of Hurricane Irma, hurricane Jose seems to have spared the east coast. There was an earthquake of magnitude 8.0 the same day as Irma’s landfall in Mexico, but it has barely been mentioned

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