Month: August 2017


Once, a long time ago, I read in a magazine a fantastic view of the future. I laughed at the audacity of the story when the main character went into a store and paid a dollar for a bottle of

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Sub Conscious Programming

One interesting “fact” as taught in The Secret The sub-conscious mind doesn’t really understand negative words like DON’T. It will ignore that word if you use it. I had a real difficult time understanding how the incredible subconscious mind would

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A dream woke me

The only part of the dream I remember is visualizing a tetrahedron. I was trying to best describe one using only words, no pictures. Start with a line of a certain length, duplicate it two more times. Then, connect these

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Rainy days and Mondays

Monday is traditionally the least favorite day of the working class, and lasagna eating cartoon cats. Why are there classes? The social contract should be changed. It seems that everyone should contribute to the fullness of their ability; but most

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Some Pig

Last week I saw the stage performance of Animal Farm. What a great location for it, (Will Geer Ranch). It was a musical. A very enjoyable and wonderful performance. It showed how easily individuals can be manipulated from a dream

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An abundance of scarcity creates urgency

One thing I think about with all these people marketing abundance. Scarcity. A marketing trick is to create scarcity so people will take immediate action. You know… “limited supplies” or something like that. It bothers me to think of “creating

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This may shock some of you

There is one parable of Jesus which I have never had a problem understanding. Really!!! It is the parable of the two sons. The father asked the first son to do a task at which the son complained bitterly about

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How Aesop ruined my life

It was his fable about the Tortoise and Hare. I had learned from this that Slow and Steady Wins the Race! My whole life was based on this… seriously. This meme is something I learned back in Toledo, in my

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It’s the Secret of The Secret

Occasionally I stumble onto an unexpected resource. Today I will forgo posting my own thoughts and share this with you. This morning I did a quick search of The Secret. It was to find a reference for what I wanted

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Accidental Shooting

What are “trigger words”? These are words which trigger emotions / thoughts / automatic actions, etc. A good copywriter knows many trigger words and uses them in copy to invoke action. That is what the title of today’s post was

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