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Just some things from religion that caught my attention.

Super Bowl LIII in Prophecy?

When I saw the logos for the teams in this year’s Super Bowl, it reminded me of an end times prophecy in Daniel chapter 8. Why? Because the logo for the Patriots looks like a horn. A single horn. The

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The battle of little horn – the last Trump

I’ve posted before about the belief that Donald Trump is in his position at the Hand of God. (See Gobsmacked) I was fascinated by this video I came upon which expands on the Trump Prophecy and claims the Final Trump

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This is the End

2018 is over today… As part of my annual New Year celebration, I watched a few episodes of The Twilight Zone. One that stood out was “Four O’Clock” which is episode 94 (season 3, number 29) because it reminded me

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Anchor Away – RIP Chris Burrous

Shocked. Never did I expect to see the news report that Chris Burrous passed.  He was such a goof, I often thought that that was just how I would be if I anchored a news station. The first time I

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Incarnate – Intellect (Mind)

Incarnation is something we all have done, right? If to be incarnate simply means to be “in the flesh”, or donning the mortal coil, we are all in that camp. So, Jesus being born is nothing special (aside from that

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An Egyptian sage once said to Solon:

“You Greeks are still children. All you know is the outcome of your own contemplation and vision; you have no ancient traditions, no wisdom hoary with age, and children you will remain.” Now, it seems to me, if the Greeks

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They are coming for your jobs!

One thing we learn from movies, robots are taking our jobs. I have spent my career in Manufacturing and have worked with robot. They don’t complain, they just do what they are told. They do this without taking breaks, and

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Aesop vs Disney

“Oh, the world owes me a livin’…” is a song I had always attributed to Goofy, probably because his goofy voice is more memorable. While doing a quick web search, I found it was originally from Silly Symphony – the

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Money Money Money

Thinking about money today because I woke with an earworm: It’s Money That Matters (Randy Newman) Of all of the people that I used to know Most never adjusted to the great big world I see them lurking in book

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That old example about doubling a penny for 30 days

This is a well known illustration of compound interest, with a twist. Imagine taking a job for 30 days. You are given an opportunity to work with one, if not, the richest person in the world. There is a catch.

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