Anchor Away – RIP Chris Burrous

Shocked. Never did I expect to see the news report that Chris Burrous passed.  He was such a goof, I often thought that that was just how I would be if I anchored a news station. The first time I saw him step out from behind the news desk wearing shorts, I knew I liked his style. KTLA has news on for quite a few hours every morning, and if I was downstairs writing, I often would turn to channel 5 for background noise.


I would have to turn it off after a while because Chris and his co-conspirators in news, Lynette Romero – Liberte Chan – Dayna Devon, were simply too distracting. They made the mundane fun to watch.

They all goofed around and made each other laugh. Their frivolity belied the seriousness they shared with the audience. Keeping it real and down to earth. I know the girls will keep the show going, and will continue to be a fun team.

I did get to see the broadcast when Chris donned a blond hair extension (from Dayna, I believe) and sported a believable mullet… business in the front, party in the back.  This was a moment I will always remember of Chris. He took his job very seriously, but he took life realistically and with humor.

I am sad to see you go Chris.

Thanks for the light you shined in our lives during yours.

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