Month: December 2017

The Final Millennium

…is it just completing or is it just beginning? With 5,000 years being just a 5-day intense seminar for human kind, was recent history of the world the final exam for humanity? If so, how did we do? When was

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The Space X launch the 22nd was quite spectacular

We saw it from pretty much the beginning. We were driving through a parking lot at the time, and had quite a good view of it. We saw the stage separation and the two stages boosting. (The first stage continued

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Rule of law

…it includes everyone. If they refuse to live by the law, then they are taken out of the system. The law may be changed. The law must be enforced… oh, perhaps that is the problem. Forcing people to follow the

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Electronical Society

Homogenizing society is equalizing the playing field. As such, production is consistent yet slow growing. The unfairness in class results in higher, faster growth. (Is this actual, or apparent?) Economics appears to improve when there is a gap between the

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Antarctic Anomaly

There was an announcement about a large gravity anomaly under the ice at the south pole. The official explanation is that it is a meteor remnant that struck the earth and caused the big die off long ago. It is

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Oumuamua and Wormwood and Nibiru -oh my!

Oumuamua is in the news lately, just in case you are unaware. Google it… MSM (Main Stream Media) has been broadcasting about it, but perhaps you missed it watching Faux News. When I first heard of this, I thought immediately

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Inward searching for the Source

Anima and animus joined in completeness. Team masculine-feminine in yin-yang completeness. Each of us has this team inside. One or the other will manifest as leader. Usually the physical is reciprocal buy not always. Some have the same aspect displayed

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Individuation may be the key

Carl Jung is well known, and his ideas are already in the collective unconscious. There are many memes I can draw upon. Becoming more of an Individual by Individuation through Introspection. Awesome I-words. Perhaps a lesson on the prefix IN

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It’s a Wonderful Life

…is playing at several theaters around here, as expected this time of year. True, it is playing constantly on some TV station also, but there is something about seeing it on the big screen without commercial breaks. We were able

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Time may change me, but I can’t trace time!

Natural disasters, like the fires in SoCal, have a way of equalizing and humiliating. It is cleansing and destructive at the same time. Too many people miss out on the lessons. Those directly affected are forced into the change we

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