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Super Bowl LIII in Prophecy?

When I saw the logos for the teams in this year’s Super Bowl, it reminded me of an end times prophecy in Daniel chapter 8. Why? Because the logo for the Patriots looks like a horn. A single horn. The

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The battle of little horn – the last Trump

I’ve posted before about the belief that Donald Trump is in his position at the Hand of God. (See Gobsmacked) I was fascinated by this video I came upon which expands on the Trump Prophecy and claims the Final Trump

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This is the End

2018 is over today… As part of my annual New Year celebration, I watched a few episodes of The Twilight Zone. One that stood out was “Four O’Clock” which is episode 94 (season 3, number 29) because it reminded me

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Etcetera – etcetera

We went to see the musical “The King and I” on stage last Thursday. I remember seeing the movie with Yul Brenner, so I was ready for a boring evening. But, as the show unfolded, it was new to me.

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iMAGIne – Intuition (Spirit)

Today I am writing about the Magi. Magi is the plural form of Magus. So, we know there are more than one who arrived to visit Jesus after he was born, traditionally there were three. This word is also the

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Incarnate – Intellect (Mind)

Incarnation is something we all have done, right? If to be incarnate simply means to be “in the flesh”, or donning the mortal coil, we are all in that camp. So, Jesus being born is nothing special (aside from that

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Immaculate – Instinct (Body)

Today and for the next four days we will take a look at aspects of the Christ Mass, commonly known as Christmas, the time Christians celebrate the Birth of Christ. (Of course, Jesus wasn’t really born on December 25th… but

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An Egyptian sage once said to Solon:

“You Greeks are still children. All you know is the outcome of your own contemplation and vision; you have no ancient traditions, no wisdom hoary with age, and children you will remain.” Now, it seems to me, if the Greeks

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If it’s not good for everyone, it’s no good at all

The title of this post is the Cherokee version of Ubuntu. (Yes, it is the name of an opensource operating system, but I am thinking of where THAT name came from.) UBUNTU is: I am what I am because of

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The guy with the most toys wins!

Seriously? Nobody wins with that philosophy… we will never reach Utopia that way. Money is the root of all evil… well, actually, it is the LOVE of money that is the problem. Money on its own is quite inert. It

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