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Aesop vs Disney

“Oh, the world owes me a livin’…” is a song I had always attributed to Goofy, probably because his goofy voice is more memorable. While doing a quick web search, I found it was originally from Silly Symphony – the

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How Aesop ruined my life

It was his fable about the Tortoise and Hare. I had learned from this that Slow and Steady Wins the Race! My whole life was based on this… seriously. This meme is something I learned back in Toledo, in my

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Story telling is an art and a science

Directly telling someone what they need to know is often fruitless because the mind has safeguards set up to prevent unwanted ideas from entering. These guards are diligent and “Nobody sees the Wizard, no way, no how!” Stories disguise the

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The Hare and the Tortoise

The Hare was once boasting of his speed before the other animals.  “I have never yet been beaten,” said he, “when I put forth my full speed.  I challenge any one here to race with me.” The Tortoise said quietly,

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