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The ringing of a bell is a signal. “The bells… I can hear the bells!” -Quasimodo “Whenever a bell rings, an angel gets its wings!” – Zuzu Bailey Yes, a play on words. Yes, the quotes are from fictional characters.

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It’s a four way match!

I received a surprise package a few days ago. These were shrink wrapped on a piece of cardboard and placed in a box with a note. The note told me of a person who collected matchbooks from all over during

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Organizational Subconsciousness and Unconsciousness

I was thinking about some of my old workplaces. Let’s take a quick trip down the rabbit hole now… The Apostle Paul (Saul of Tarshish) taught us – Romans 12:4 International Standard Version (ISV) 4 For we have many parts in

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Time marches on

Time – It is the half dimension. One Way! (Well, unless you have TTTech (Time Travel Technology.)) Getting caught in a timeloop is always a danger, in fact, some believe we are stuck in one since the government started playing

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The bible seems to separate prayer and meditation

What is the difference? Meditation is focusing the mind in a defragmentation way. Emptying of stray thoughts, sorting and storing. Cleaning the garage, so to speak. Prayer is communication with The Source. That is the intent, I think. But, there

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Why is it that I am so closed?

I would love to be open and transparent. But, I have a block. Somewhere I picked up the “you first” attitude. Do I over react to complaints about me? Perhaps. Boy, my Personal Akashic Record must be a wild ride

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Akashic Record is an interesting idea

It is resting up in the Fifth Dimension and is a record of every person and culture. Every individual experience is uploaded. I wonder if the upload happens constantly or if it only occurs while a person is sleeping. I

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It’s an inside job

Let’s talk about The One. The Source. The Ancient of Days. The string which holds everything together is tubular. Vibrations in time. A wave function. If God could move away from himself fast enough and return fast enough, he could

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So, the question is

If people really believe in a deep state, why they can’t believe that deep state could’ve put Trump in office. They literally played their Trump card. They have him in position and are making changes to shore up their control.

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2018 Let’s do this!

I am done with the past and want to head toward the future. We saw the movie Darkest Hour last week. It is a movie of Winston Churchill becoming Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in the darkest hours of

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