Akashic Record is an interesting idea

It is resting up in the Fifth Dimension and is a record of every person and culture. Every individual experience is uploaded. I wonder if the upload happens constantly or if it only occurs while a person is sleeping. I would think it would be happening continuously, otherwise data would be lost for those experiences which happen before sleep on the day a person dies. (I suppose there could be one more final data dump when a person dies.) I wonder if data collection happens from every living creature? It would make sense to have more data included to fill in other perspectives during one’s life. The “fly on the wall” data. A way to access the data in the Akashic Record, believed by some to be the ‘Book of Life’ mentioned in Revelation, would be cool. Some say they can access the AR Librarians. That the data is available to help each individual at this time of transformation.

Direct access, a Akashic Google, would be wonderful. (Complete with 4D video feel-o-rama!) Now THIS would be a great use for Remote Viewing/Sensing Protocols. Training people to access their own Akashic Files. And why not?

Here is a question… what about conflicting information from the Akashic? Is it possible to have perspective so diverse that the information seems conflicting? Two sides of the same coin, so to speak. Well, I suppose this is true in just about everything. For instance, can the Earth be flat? “The Earth can be any shape you want it, any shape at all.” – Thomas Dolby

What about dimensionality? Being trapped in 4D, we are unaware of infinity. Reaching back to the Law of One, I find not only other dimensions, but other densities. Complete octaves of reality we are unaware of. Freq-out! We are not only in the third dimension, we are also third density. What does that mean? When the density shifts, we may still be in the third dimension. Higher density beings have access to lower dimensions and densities. The only way to communicate with higher densities is if a higher density being acts as liaison. Jesus was/is such a being, perhaps. Mediator for mankind.

Enoch was translated into Metatron. There is a lot of lore about people fulfilling destinies of higher densities. Rainbow body? Hey, shift happens!

I guess I really need to just find my special purpose, my reason for being. I am here on a mission of some sort and I seem to be disoriented. Time to find out where I am and where I need to be. Global Positioning Systems help us navigate on this planet. I wonder if there is an Akashic Positioning System we can use to navigate on this plane? That is a good analogy, I think.

Speaking of analogy, I wonder if the last two years were my struggling out of my chrysalis? That is why I had to struggle… to inflate my wings to be useful in the next part of my journey. I like that… I think I will go with it. Much can be done when the advantage of flight is gained.


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