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It’s a four way match!

I received a surprise package a few days ago. These were shrink wrapped on a piece of cardboard and placed in a box with a note. The note told me of a person who collected matchbooks from all over during

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Blowing Up

My first job at Disneyland, which I had when I was sixteen. At the time, Disneyland had a policy of hiring only people who were 18 or older, but a lessee could hire younger. (A lessee was a company which

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Organizational Subconsciousness and Unconsciousness

I was thinking about some of my old workplaces. Let’s take a quick trip down the rabbit hole now… The Apostle Paul (Saul of Tarshish) taught us – Romans 12:4 International Standard Version (ISV) 4 For we have many parts in

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What is my blog all about?

I started to write every morning as soon as I woke up as an exercise in discipline. Having read the book, The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, I was a fan of Morning Pages. Julia taught us to get a

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I woke thinking of Hope this morning

Alabama pulled through yesterday. Restored is my belief in the America I grew up with. An America of Hopes and Dreams. An America which will pause to do the right thing. An America which makes mistakes, but an America which

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Let’s start a new philosophy

Individualism is on the rise in the world. The individual is the basic unit which makes up society. Cooperation between individuals makes synergy, but control of individuals does not. Power is control and vice versa. Cooperation is good, control, not

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Today is Pearl Harbor Day

…a day that will live in infamy. For me, that is ancient history, and I love Japan. Growing up, I was taught the Germans and Japanese were our enemies, because my mother was from England and my father from America.

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Importance of Individuality

I feel I have been in mental traction and am now just out of bed. I can move, but am very stiff and atrophied. Still need (mental) therapy, stretching, moving, resting. I am a DIYer with this. Perhaps this can

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Darkest before the dawn

I had a dream once, a long time ago (in high school). In the dream, all light was gone. There was no electricity for the lights. Even outside, there was only pitch black. It was dark and had no sight.

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Thirty-three if

The beginning of this month would’ve been my 33rd wedding anniversary, if I had stayed married. Officially the marriage failed after 30 years, but realistically it failed after 25. I had 5 years of descent in which I had already

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