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A few years ago, when I drove up the 101 freeway, I noticed this very artful bridge. It caught my attention because it was so beautiful. Traveling up and down the freeway, this bridge always stood out for me. Each …

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…partly because it is no longer a secret, and there is a cultish feel for it. It was the Name it and Claim it cult in the 70’s and 80’s. These are all based on tapping into the source of …

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Individualism is on the rise in the world. The individual is the basic unit which makes up society. Cooperation between individuals makes synergy, but control of individuals does not. Power is control and vice versa. Cooperation is good, control, not …

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Law of attraction

I know I have manifested things in the past, specific things. I know I should know more about it. I can’t say I practice manifestation regularly, but I know it occurs. Usually it is in hindsight that I realize I …

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I had a dream about reloading paper in a printer. I noticed some dust on the top so I wiped it off. Doing so showed more dirt and dust. I pulled the paper out and saw cobwebs and spider skins …

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Each of us holds the power to alter the universe. We are each the center of the universe. Every thought has potential to manifest. Whatever you think about happens. If you focus on limitation, you will manifest limitation. Clear your …

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