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I wonder what is going on with the Alliance vs. Cabal war

So many have put their faith in Trump and it appears to be crumbling. It is true that they only wanted somebody to “shake up” Washington, but I wonder if they are ready for the destruction that is happening. I

My senior year in High School was a blast!

We are past the Autumnal Equinox – balance into coolness. Gateway to the Holiday Season. The sun passed over the equator to spend more time down south. It was the Spring Equinox for countries south of the equator – where


Sat in Terminal 4 at LAX. I patiently waited for my flight scheduled to leave at 8:25a. Arrived 2 hours before at American Airlines suggestion. I did my part. The aircraft had an electrical problem, they said. Hopefully only a

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That’s a big Twinkie

I am reminded of a concept I formulated many years ago I called “Twinkie Gleaning”. Basically, the gist is this, Twinkies are not nutritious. They are not a problem if you eat one occasionally. Moderation, right? A steady diet of

Secret Space Programs

Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock and Corey Goode releases new episodes every Tuesday on GAIA. I am so intrigued by this show. It makes me wonder about my time in the Air Force. Corey talks about the 20 and back