The fast and the curious

Now that I’ve past the three day mark in my fast, I am settling in to it. Actually, I am at the end of my fourth day. Since I quit caffeine long ago, I did not have a headache during the first three days. So, it has been very uneventful… the most I’ve notice is I feel the cold more.

I bring this up because when fasting, the first three days are the hardest. Once this milestone is passed, the body adjusts to no intake of food and switches to full ketosis. This is a body phase that switches the body to burning fat for fuel. It is the lack of carbohydrates that causes this. Eating protein does not turn the ketosis off, which is why so many are going on the keto diet. A dangerous one, I think.

You may say it is less dangerous than a water fast. But I don’t think so. There is a difference when there is no intake of food verses intake of high protein. One is fooling the body and one is being honest.

To fast, you must be aware of your own body and know what is natural and what is a problem. I have fasted before, so I know a bit more going into this. Basically the rule is, once you get past the first three days, you will no longer be hungry. When the hungry pangs return, it is time to eat. This is the point when the body turns from the depleted fat deposits and starts consuming muscle to stay alive.

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