Month: October 2017

I am I am a superman, and I can do anything

I am an energy source because I am a conduit of The Source. I don’t reflect the creator like a mirror, I emit the creator like fiber optics. Let the light shine through! Source of the source. Let it flow.

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I am optimistic about the future

It is a bit difficult to articulate why, with the present conditions in the world, it is just a gut feeling. I feel strange saying that, but it is true. That said, the baby boomer demographic is showing a change

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happening in my subconscious

I briefly explained the solar flash and transformation to somebody in an email because I have mentioned it several times. Here is what I wrote: The transformation I am always going on about is a collage of eschatology from all

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I am a bit tired, but good to go

I acknowledge the tired feeling and commit to move forward every day. (Sometimes that re-commitment must happen periodically through the day.) Take time to rest when needed. When working out at the gym, you can use weights or other types

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What am I to do with what I know?

I would like to believe I am here for a reason, but I just don’t know. It could also be that I am just here. One thing I do know is I am who I am. I wonder if that

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What am I to do with myself?

I keep reaching the end of the rope, then stretching it a bit further. Something needs to change. I must! Me. I am the only one who can affect change in me. (That is a profound shift for me: no

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I am who I am-Dreamer-Man of inaction

An object at rest cannot be stopped! Let’s strip away from the conscious and let the subconscious break through. Dealing with the memes I have is difficult because they are so deep seated. I think memes are another word for

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I keep wishing for something to change

More thoughts about the Secret Space Program and hidden technology. Why hide it from the public? Unless there is not enough to go around. Selfish people thrive on disparity. Selfless people thrive on equality. Looking at those two words about

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Meanwhile, back at transformation central

…things are changing. (HA!) Change or be changed. Take an active role! Remember: Even a dead fish can swim downstream. Go against the flow! Time is a gift of equality. Nobody has any more or less of it. It passes

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Teetering dream on the abyss of memory

Funny, had a dream last night I knew I would remember, but I don’t. I can almost picture it, but I have done too many little things before sitting down to write. Perhaps it will come back to me. I

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