I am I am a superman, and I can do anything

I am an energy source because I am a conduit of The Source. I don’t reflect the creator like a mirror, I emit the creator like fiber optics. Let the light shine through! Source of the source. Let it flow.

I am stunned into mental silence, well, it isn’t silent, really. It is a cacophony of ideas all on top of each other, a white noise hum. It is loud and indistinct, but little tidbits are randomly discernible. The SOC (Stream of Conscious) is at a trickle, not because there is nothing there, but because it is tangled up in back eddies and currents.

The potential for a torrent is ever present. If the dam ever breaks, it will be a flood of Biblical proportions. I think the dam is safe, but I must examine the spillways.

Remember, if the spillways are undermined, the dam is weakened significantly. (Remember Oroville)

Let the trickle flow, let the spillway overflow if needed. But, examine the structure whenever possible, before it is needed.

Test and secure.

Be Prepared!

This was supposed to be a post about Halloween, but it turned into an introspection of sorts. Oh well, next year! Happy Halloween!

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