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Mary Poppins Returns

On Christmas Eve we went to see the new Mary Poppins Returns movie. I was a bit leery going into this, being a fan of the original which set the bar pretty high. But, I opened my mind and tried

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Aesop vs Disney

“Oh, the world owes me a livin’…” is a song I had always attributed to Goofy, probably because his goofy voice is more memorable. While doing a quick web search, I found it was originally from Silly Symphony – the

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Regain that child-like wonder

I had the joy of watching the new Disney movie, Christopher Robin, this weekend. It was a fun movie and had some depth to it too. It really is an adult movie, but I think most adults won’t be able

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ELO – 81 vs 18

(1981-2018) ELO at The Fabulous Forum Electric Light Orchestra has been a favorite of mine since I bought the Out of the Blue album during my last year in High School. I last saw ELO in 1981 at the Forum

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2018 Let’s do this!

I am done with the past and want to head toward the future. We saw the movie Darkest Hour last week. It is a movie of Winston Churchill becoming Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in the darkest hours of

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It’s a Wonderful Life

…is playing at several theaters around here, as expected this time of year. True, it is playing constantly on some TV station also, but there is something about seeing it on the big screen without commercial breaks. We were able

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All work and no play

…makes Jack a dull boy. No TV and no beer makes Homer something, something. (Go crazy?!?) Don’t mind if I do! I remember the movie I saw on TV in my teens titled The Monitors. It was about an alien

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I woke thinking of Hope this morning

Alabama pulled through yesterday. Restored is my belief in the America I grew up with. An America of Hopes and Dreams. An America which will pause to do the right thing. An America which makes mistakes, but an America which

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Why I am so weird

I have come across the term StarChild again. I had at one point in my life believed I may be one. Somehow, I let that idea slip away as silly. I found out yesterday I happen to be in the

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Teetering dream on the abyss of memory

Funny, had a dream last night I knew I would remember, but I don’t. I can almost picture it, but I have done too many little things before sitting down to write. Perhaps it will come back to me. I

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