2018 Let’s do this!

I am done with the past and want to head toward the future. We saw the movie Darkest Hour last week. It is a movie of Winston Churchill becoming Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in the darkest hours of WWII. He was hated by the elitist government but loved by the riffraff on the tube (Mind the Gap). I can see how this story line might be interpreted by some as analogical of President Trump. I did try to see it that way, but I just cannot. (Now, a movie I do think of when I see Donald Trump as president… it is “Being There” with Peter Sellers as Chauncey Gardner, A name derived from Chance – the Gardener.) Both great movies, by the way.

Britain standing against the tyranny of the Third Reich while waiting for the United States to come to it’s senses and aid should be lauded. If they hadn’t, the Man in the High Castle would be the history we live. It is a bit frightening, yet I wonder if we might be a space-faring people already if it had happened the way it did. But, I digress…

If the dark state is reality, and secret space programs do exist… then we are indeed already a space faring people. I think of the Men in Black movies and how they protect normal citizens by keeping us in the dark. It is a PsyOps game, all of it. Manipulation of the populace. Hegemony by homogenization of the populace. Perhaps that is(was) the goal of the elitist dark state. I still cannot see Donald Trump as anything but a tool of the Dark State Elitists. Flimflam artist at best. As popular opinion turned against the Dark State, the Dark State offered another view. Still 100% under control of said state. But, the transition time is a critical time and one that the opposition can send a small starfighter in to bomb the exposed exhaust port. (Death Star analogy here…)

It all boils down to potential. If mankind is to be truly free, a more efficient form of cooperation is needed. The ancient Babylonian system at work now is terribly inefficient. It is time to modernize and move forward as an unstoppable force. A collective of individuals synergizing the future. Now THAT is something I can get behind and sacrifice for!

Everyday should be a day of reflective gratitude. Everyday should start with assessment of what has occurred and the direction being traveled. Goal setting should be used to set the course and corrections made. The analogy of GPS is good, but I wonder if it is causing problems. It is only as good as the accuracy of GPS. If there is interference, the data may be corrupt and incorrect directions will be presented. Dependence on GPS may seem folly, but it truly is indispensable. Knowing where you are and where you are headed is crucial. Without a goal, GPS is benign. With a goal, a GPS is an active tool. When using it, you only need worry about the next turn. Trust the process.

Okay, so I have touched upon a mapping system using Global Positioning. It is an example of Dataism. The latest belief system of humans. If you have enough data, you can do anything, and predict anything. If I remember correctly, Foundation by Isaac Asimov is based on this. More data provides more accuracy. Which brings me back to the power of Science Fiction. (Any fiction, actually) It is the proof that we are truly created in the image of God. It seems to me that the more people read something, the more likely it is to be predictive of reality because we are collectively creating reality. That is why megachurches can be so powerful. The mind of the pastor is being enhanced by the minds of the congregation. It is a dangerous thing.

Metatron is the name of Enoch after he is translated. (Again with name changes… why use a pseudonym? Biblical to change your name, like Abraham did from Abram. ) Is it because a prophet is not honored in his hometown? Too many people know the origin and mistrust the new person? So, changing a name helps keep the skeletons in the closet?

As we start this new year… let’s do so with a new light. A new outlook. This is something we should do daily, if not moment by moment. The difference now is to look within for the answers, the power, the guidance. Looking inward is looking toward the source of who you are. The One! We are all connected at the source. The vanishing point in perspective drawing is always moving away from you. Changing perspective will relocate the vanishing point, but you never can reach it. As a goal, it is always out of reach. Yet, the farther you look ahead, the straighter your course will be. Aim high in steering was the mantra taught to me in driver’s education. It rings true for life.

Keep moving.

Is it not easier to change lanes when a car is moving? If your car is parked, it is not easily moved sideways to the next lane. But, if your car is moving forward, a slight movement of the steering wheel will place the car in the next lane. Also, course corrections along the way are needed to overcome drift. If your aim is one degree off, by the end of a thousand miles in a straight line, you will be many miles away from the goal, and miss the goal completely. Again, this is the beauty of GPS. It is continually updating your current location in relation to your goal. If you make a wrong turn, it will recalculate the best way to get to that goal. Even if it means making a U-turn. Feedback loops are needed in our time prison.

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