Mathematics is a language divine

Ubuntu is a political movement taking government out of the hands of politicians and putting it into the hands of the People. (I think) It is a cooperative government where the people all take part by giving time working on social projects. It is a grassroots movement starting in small towns and villages. Basically, systems like water purification, energy collection/distribution are all worked on with voluntary manhours… or rather, with Timebank manhours. By providing the manhours, and individual is eligible to use the service free of charge. All community provided services are serviced by the community. It is a reasonable idea for the new millennium.

Now, as I learn more about blockchains and how they work. They are an electronic ledger. A record of all that has happened. What people like about this system is that the exchanges are anonymous. This is a curse too, in that if you make a mistake, there is no way to recover.

So, we are back at secrecy and scarcity as the foundation of economy. It is the engine of commerce. Creating a lack and separating abundance to create a differential. It is the way The One created everything from nothing. It is light separated from dark. Take away something from nothing and have twice the potential. When you have zero, you have nothing. No differential. But, when you have something and negative something, you have twice something differential. Allowing the something to flow back into the nothing creates energy. Negative something is a gravity well. The something is drawn back toward the zero point. If the something rushes in too quickly, it will pull someotherthing in with it creating a negative someotherthing, overbalancing the zero point again. The Big Bang becomes the Gnab Gib and an alternative universe is happening. Spread this across ten dimensions and you have the Omniverse.

Well, that was a fun romp down in the abyss of mind. What does it all mean? When did mankind understand the concept of negative numbers? Mathematics is the language of God, right? The more we understand mathematics, the more we can communicate with the origin. Mathematics is the original blockchain. The book and books mentioned in Revelation. There is an eyebrow raiser. There is where everything that has, is, and will happen is recorded. With enough computing power, every “transaction” can be accessed. This blockchain is recording everything, including Bitcoin transactions… so they are not truly anonymous. Welcome to the Bema seat judgement.

Scriptures are simply wallets of the original blockchain. They contain the entire blockchain, but are a specific view of that blockchain. Holographically, the small section of broken glass you have only gives you a tiny view of the whole. If you could take all the information contained in the blockchain wallet, combine it with all the other wallets, you would have the whole picture. But, if you only have the blockchain up to that point, you will miss out on the resolution of the future transactions. Everything is available at all time, but the angle you view it from is fixed. To provide motion of the hologram, you need to have the wallets of all time. (There is something in this analogy… I feel it strongly.)

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