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Money Money Money

Thinking about money today because I woke with an earworm: It’s Money That Matters (Randy Newman) Of all of the people that I used to know Most never adjusted to the great big world I see them lurking in book

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ELO – 81 vs 18

(1981-2018) ELO at The Fabulous Forum Electric Light Orchestra has been a favorite of mine since I bought the Out of the Blue album during my last year in High School. I last saw ELO in 1981 at the Forum

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Mysterious Package From Planet X!

I found this box by my front door the other day. It has the Green Seal of Planet X on it… What on Earth could it be? I guess the only way to know is to open it, if I

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Go Giving Service to Others

I came to know about the book, The Go Giver, when a reader of my newsletter, Neil, suggested I read it. It is a book that has been around for a decade. I am surprised I hadn’t heard about it

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Ascension draweth neigh

Everything is happening according to plan… chaotically. I normally wake between 5:00a and 5:30a. Occasionally I will sleep in on a Saturday or Sunday. Not often, but it does happen. It is always harder to flow of conscious write if

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A while ago we finished up “The Get Down” on Netflix

This 11-episode story told the story of boys from the Bronx and the birth of Hip Hop. Once we got through the first 3 episodes, we were hooked. It is a binge-worthy series. Set in 1977, the cultural references were

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Confidence and secrets

Why do we keep secrets? (It is said that a secret is something you tell one person at a time…) Perhaps to protect someone, or to gain advantage. What if there were no secrets? What if everything in your mind

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This song was playing in my mind when I woke one morning

Forget your hexagrams, you’ll soon feel fine. Stop looking at the stars, you don’t live under the signs. Don’t mess with Gypsies, or have your fortune read. Keep your tables on the floor, and don’t listen to the dead. The

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If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got!

While listening to “Peace, Love, and Sunday Morning” on “The Sound“I heard “On the Eve of Destruction”, a great song, and once again-relevant. I immediately thought of “Bullfrogs and Butterflies”, both songs are by Barry McGuire. Really, same guy. Change

I enjoy losing myself in a good album

Having a love for Pink Floyd and Roger Waters, I knew I would love Roger’s newest: Is This the Life We Really Want? Now that I have heard it several times, I imagine it could easily be placed in the