A while ago we finished up “The Get Down” on Netflix

A while ago we finished up “The Get Down” on Netflix

This 11-episode story told the story of boys from the Bronx and the birth of Hip Hop. Once we got through the first 3 episodes, we were hooked. It is a binge-worthy series.

Set in 1977, the cultural references were spot on. I learned a lot about East Coast Rap. (Is Rap a short version of Rhapsody? I always wondered that…)

Ezekiel “Books” is the Wordsmith. The poet.

He is best friends with Shaolin Fantastic, Disc Jockey Scratch Master.

Dizzy is a tagger/comic book artist who provides the visual storyline. The occasional venture into the comic book world is sometimes a bit overdone, but the style is Fat Albert-esque, so I can overlook.

All of the characters where great… but those were my favorite three.

All in all, I really enjoyed this story… it took me a few episodes to get used to it, but I really am glad I saw it. Great insight into a whole genre of music I missed out on.

If you are all caught up on everything and need something to fill the gap until new seasons of your favorite shows are released, check this one out.

Peace out!

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