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Google is great at reinforcing people’s prejudices

An example, if a conservative, a radical, and a moderate all search for the same term, the answers will be different based on their prior searches. There is nothing wrong with the algorithm tailoring the answers to match the person.

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Reading is fundamental

I believe that. There is something about reading which opens the Corpus Callosum and allows the communication between right and left brain flow freely. At least this is true for me. I suspect it is true for most. I wonder

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new ideas and new ways of viewing old ideas

There is so much information out there that is stagnant and dead. They should be aerated, resurrected and given new life for a new generation. Reexamined and disassembled for utilization in creation of new ideas. The point is, if there

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You know, I read it in a magazine

I had a dream about reloading paper in a printer. I noticed some dust on the top so I wiped it off. Doing so showed more dirt and dust. I pulled the paper out and saw cobwebs and spider skins

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Rainy days and Mondays

Monday is traditionally the least favorite day of the working class, and lasagna eating cartoon cats. Why are there classes? The social contract should be changed. It seems that everyone should contribute to the fullness of their ability; but most

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What is Rousseau Arts?

What is the mission statement? Succinctly, Rousseau Arts is dedicated to inspiring thought and creativity through balance of Science and Art. Why am I here? A question we should all ask. It may just happenstance… and there really is no

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Of all things known to man

…there ain’t nothing sadder than – the tears of a clown – when there’s no one around. That was the song going through my head when I woke one morning… I have no idea why… That is, until I looked

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Lifetime struggle of being me

I took time to read through a journal I had started last year. I made some notes as I read through it. Although my entries in the journal were disjointed snippets, it provides a flow of meaning to me. I

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Another weird dream

A man with one leg. He was wrapping his wooden leg in gauze to make it more comfortable. He had a three-legged dog. He was a handyman. Not sure what THAT was all about. Don’t remember enough of it to

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He never had a real job

I had a dream about a guy named Bob. (Bob was a friend of my older brother. He lived down the street from us. He never had a “real job” because he was an entrepreneur. He flipped cars and then

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