He never had a real job

He never had a real job

I had a dream about a guy named Bob. (Bob was a friend of my older brother. He lived down the street from us. He never had a “real job” because he was an entrepreneur. He flipped cars and then houses, way before it was cool. He was good at keeping cars running. He retired at 30 or something, if I remember correctly. I haven’t seen him in 40 plus years.)

The dream:

I was in Bob’s auto repair shop. He gave me a kit to recharge my air conditioner and an oil change pan and insisted I hang on to them. One of the workers asked Bob if I was the one with the Camaro to repair. I told him no, but my sister has a Firebird, but it needed to be towed if they wanted to look at it. I walked around the outside a bit, then walked back through the repair shop as they were closing. Bob was gone, and I had to ask permission to go out the front door because they were locking it. There was a guy in a pickup truck outside watching me. My car was not in the area, so I started walking to get to it. I wasn’t sure if I was going the right way. Then I woke.

Interesting dream. Here is how I interpret it:

It relates to my current status in building my business. I am curious about the auto maintenance items he insisted I take. They seem relevant. Air Conditioning is a comfort thing. The kit did not include the can of coolant, and interesting detail. (I have to keep in mind that is not the tool, but what the tool injects.) The oil change drip pan is a more necessary maintenance item for basic operation, yet was not emphasized when given, it was just there. (Again, no oil, just the drip pan.) Perhaps this represents the tools I already have. (The mention of the Camaro and Firebird have more to do with my family relationships. Just an aside as to how I found the place, is my best guess.) Bob’s repair shop represents the people and places I know where I can go for help. The guy in the pickup truck represents my past jobs (He was sinister looking). I am now on a journey to find my freedom, illustrated by the fact I had to find my way back to my car, my motivator.

In conjunction with this dream, I was recommended a short story by Margaret Atwood called “Torching the Dusties”. It was recommended by someone reading my post about the future crisis of work. A very relevant read about people in retirement homes being torched, removed from life to reallocate their wealth. Yikes!

I really enjoy writing. I enjoy sharing my thoughts to the world, even if only a few are reading. I am excited about doing this for a living. If I think about the dream again, the air conditioner and oil change. One is needed to keep things running, the other to keep things comfortable. I wonder if it represents the money-making side and the creative side of the business. What is my vision? Rousseau Arts is the juxtaposition of Art and Science. Air conditioning and Oil changes. Both required maintenance.

Rousseau Arts is the home base

Heresyman is the creation workshop

Popular Paradigms is the cashflow

Let’s see, that covers three I’s – Intention, Intuition, Intelligent which leaves us with Instinct. What branch of my business is this? Instinct is inherent. Instinct is the unseen firmware. Perhaps it is represented by other websites I work with. The entire internet as a matter of fact. Yes, I like this analogy. Instinct is covered too, in fact, it has been there all along.

He never had a “real job”, I always did. He has chosen wisely.


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