Another weird dream

Another weird dream

A man with one leg. He was wrapping his wooden leg in gauze to make it more comfortable. He had a three-legged dog. He was a handyman.

Not sure what THAT was all about. Don’t remember enough of it to worry about it. Some strange metaphors there…

I am thinking often about the Science of being Rich, Well, and Great. The books are very dense in information. No wonder so many other books have been written expanding these concentrations. I think they will add substance to the Book of I.

I am obviously leaning toward self-help with my Rousseau Arts endeavors. Law of One and Law of Attraction is a refined niche, but I will also include diet, exercise, yoga, and meditation. Let’s put this together:

Law of One/Attraction = Intention

Diet/Exercise = Instinct

Yoga/Meditation = Intuition

Study/Art = Intellect

It looks like four niches in the self-help area. This is a good start.

Study/Art is a new niche. I wonder if I will find any offers. I know I am hip to learning from listening. Audio books. Video lectures. Setting aside time to learn is as important as setting aside time to exercise or meditate. (I do both when I walk.) Perhaps this is a “blue water” endeavor. Actually, I am sure there are many opportunities out there, now that I think about it.

I feel this is happening well. I am sure this is my new direction. Once I am in tune with it, all will be well. I am really fascinated by how little stress I feel through this. I am in an area where nothing is secure but I know it is.

I am reminded of another dream I had where I was at work and hands kept grabbing me from behind to hold me back. I kept pushing forward, jerking free from each hand. I kept this up until I broke free. That dream has resurfaced in my memory because I feel I am at the point where I finally break free. I am content moving forward.

You are the Throne of God. (I wonder if anyone reads this far…)

There are four creatures surrounding the throne of God. One has the face of a lion. One has a face of a man, one has the face of an ox. One has the face of an eagle. The implication is these four creatures are guarding the throne. They completely surround it so nothing can get through. I submit this is done via the tetrahedron. Four sides completely enclose the throne. You are in the image of God. You are surrounded by these four also.

Instinct, Intellect, Intuition, Intention

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