The guy with the most toys wins!

Seriously? Nobody wins with that philosophy… we will never reach Utopia that way.

Money is the root of all evil… well, actually, it is the LOVE of money that is the problem. Money on its own is quite inert. It is simply a unit of exchange for goods and services. Of course, if you have all the money, you can get all the goods and services, so there is where the love of money comes from. Without money, the only choice is to barter. Trade goods for goods, goods for services, services for services.

Evil hearts of men and all that… Greedy bastards! Do we have to wait until Revelation Chapter 21? Or can we start building a better world now? Why can’t we build a utopia?

Why didn’t communism work? (See, as an American, I don’t ask “Why doesn’t communism work?” because I assume it failed when the Iron Curtain fell and proved to the world Capitalism ROCKS!) They had plenty of people to do the work. Everyone chipped in and everyone got an equal share, right? Well, some worked harder than others… so it wasn’t fair to give everyone the same shares. Everyone was equal, but some were more equal than others.

Surely there is something we can do. In a previous post I suggested cooperatism. I really do believe if we can get past the love of money and focus on love for fellow humans, we can get somewhere. It is coming… and soon!

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