Thinking about focus and perception

Natural Brilliance is a book teaching how to broaden the focus to increase perception. Photoreading is also based on this. But, belief is the number one factor to make it work. I find that incredibly interesting… belief is key to steering destiny. I understand why groupthink requires a leader and belief in that leader. Curiously, groupthink can occur without a leader in a group of like minded individuals. I think. Synergy happens with agreement.

In Book of I we will learn how to be an independent individual through individuation. (Individuating independent individuals.) Pressing on to be like stem cells of society. Able to become anything as needed. Embracing change because change defines life. What is it about society that breeds complacency? It is utilizing only a portion of potential of each node, leaving the waste energy to be drained and shunted away by mass media. Society is inefficient because of the control structure in place. We need to get rid of the hierarchy and replace it.

The problem is, the hierarchy is not going to go easily. I suggest rather than a direct assault, we do an end run around the current system and build a new one. Disrupt the status quo and be all that we can be. The key is to get the individual to understand their true potential, their inherent abilities as well as learn-able abilities. I am, I am a superman, and I can do anything! Society needs to be a morph. It needs to be able to break off parts and multiply as needed. Truly scale-able. To become the spacefaring race we are meant to be, we need to adapt and improvise. Freedom of choice and cooperation between individuals will provide inexhaustible synergistic energy.

I think this was the dream of Walt Elias Disney when he conceived EPCOT. I think the movie Tomorrowland hints at the reason for the way it was turned from his original experiment into a theme park. Damnation of Capitalism. All for one and one for all! It really is communism done right. McCarthyism destroyed the dream, I think. Cooperatism is a new word which may best explain the ideal.


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