Month: May 2017

Power of thought injection of memes

The last few years of reading David Wilcock books and others speaking of secret space programs made me wonder about the possibility that I was part of the secret space program.  (Of course, I had my mind wiped when my

Uther’s son, that scamp

A review of King Arthur:Legend of the Sword I am drawn to books and movies about the Pendragon Family line. (A favorite book trilogy of mine on the Arthur legend is by Stephen R. Lawhead: Taliesin, Merlin, and Arthur) So,

The mind has a gatekeeper

Your mind is much bigger than your brain. Your whole body is an interface of the real you. The real you is much bigger than the “meat-puppet” you call you. Conscious thought is simply the bit of the iceberg above

Freedom circa 1976

Freedom There is nothing better to me than living completely free. A world without threat of war is all I want, nothing more. So let’s spread freedom from kingdom to kingdom and love across the sea. Soon this world may

That’s a big Twinkie

I am reminded of a concept I formulated many years ago I called “Twinkie Gleaning”. Basically, the gist is this, Twinkies are not nutritious. They are not a problem if you eat one occasionally. Moderation, right? A steady diet of

Know What You Meme

Today the general population doesn’t understand what a meme is. The word Meme was coined in “Viruses of the Mind“, an essay by Richard Dawkins A meme is much more insidious than a simple quote with a photo you see

Secret Space Programs

Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock and Corey Goode releases new episodes every Tuesday on GAIA. I am so intrigued by this show. It makes me wonder about my time in the Air Force. Corey talks about the 20 and back

In a Galaxy Far Far Away

40 years ago, today, Star Wars was released. The world has changed since then. The world is changed because of it. The story line has permeated cultures around the world. The universality of it is based on the writings of

I wonder about the future of work

Realistically, all the old jobs should be considered GONE. Automation, physical and cyber, is (if not already) replacing humans at an incredible rate. This is NOT a first world problem… it is truly GLOBAL. We must face the fact those

Time travel is real, apparently

This is a curious rabbit hole to venture down. Are time paradoxes possible? Do we jump between realities each time a paradox occurs? Is it possible to jump between realities when there is no paradox? Can history be altered in