I wonder about the future of work

Realistically, all the old jobs should be considered GONE. Automation, physical and cyber, is (if not already) replacing humans at an incredible rate. This is NOT a first world problem… it is truly GLOBAL. We must face the fact those jobs are gone, and many more will soon follow. This is a GLOBAL CRISIS!

What we REALLY should be doing is planning to transition people into this new world without work. What do we do with all of them? A new economy is required… one of true freedom. If we don’t, we will continue to slide into the New World Disorder.

Automation allows freedom from labor, and it is cheaper. Artificial Intelligence will replace us. The Singularity is Near! Join or Die?  We can choose to steer toward  a more Utopian Future and away from a Dystopian one.

Imagination and creativity set us apart from Artificial Intelligence. It is past time to focus learning these skills. Every day we fail to see this is a lost opportunity to begin.

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