Know What You Meme

Today the general population doesn’t understand what a meme is.

The word Meme was coined in “Viruses of the Mind“, an essay by Richard Dawkins

A meme is much more insidious than a simple quote with a photo you see on the inter-web. Sure, some cat videos seem infectious… but they don’t permanently embed in your mind, altering your perceptions. (Well, they shouldn’t. If they do, get help.)

Memes are truly virus’ of the mind. Once you are infected, they don’t go away. They are Mentally Transmitted Diseases, MTDs.

There is no cure.

Your only hope is to override the meme by infecting yourself with a more powerful, positive meme. Inoculation is possible, but you have to work on it yourself.

Introspection: Become aware of who you are…

I suggest reading the book, Virus’ of the Mind by Richard Brodie. It is a very thought provoking, meme inducing book. Read this and be challenged!

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