Power of thought injection of memes

The last few years of reading David Wilcock books and others speaking of secret space programs made me wonder about the possibility that I was part of the secret space program.  (Of course, I had my mind wiped when my enlistment ended… that’s why I can’t remember it.) This is not the first time I thought something like this may have happened. I also had thoughts along these lines when I read Peter Moon’s Montauk books. (Could I have sat in that chair in Montauk?) Yes, I read many strange books… and they have influenced me. As did my daily bible study for many years. I do not regret any of it.

Lais sez-faire is the attitude I would like to extend to; reading. Read a wide variety of things… My analogy is Lottery Scratchers. The one big winning ticket can only be in one location… so if you never go to that liquor store that has that particular ticket, you will NEVER win the big prize. If you want to find that ticket, increase your odds by buying at multiple locations.

Many years ago, I came across a book titled “You are what you Read” in a Christian book store. I flipped it over to the back cover to glimpse what it was about. As I suspected, the Author seemed to imply that a good Christian will restrict reading to Christian books, or some such. At least that is what the synopsis on the back led me to believe. I put the book down, not because I disagree with the title, but because I disagree with the conclusion.

This bookstore event came back to mind today while I was thinking about the Power of Thought. I did a quick search to see if I could find the book on Amazon, but couldn’t find it. I don’t remember the author’s name, and I assume it is out of print. No matter, I probably still wouldn’t purchase it. Although, if an inexpensive Kindle version were available…

I am completely against banning books. Burning books is even more anathema to me. Fahrenheit 451 comes to mind. The burning of the Library at Alexandria is a tragedy of EPIC proportions. Don’t get me started…

Anyway, I have always said all books should be read. Warnings about the content may be placed on the wrapper, like the opaque covering of Adult Magazines. Not as big a problem today, however. Reading is too slow for the modern age. Books are passe’.

Movies, television, streaming and narrations are bumping books from the scene. News Flash: Amazon is not what shut down the big book stores… technology did. Verbal story telling was replace by books when the general population became literate. Books have been replaced by television and movies now the general population has become lazy.

No matter if it is stories around the campfire, the latest binge on Netflix, the latest Blockbuster Movie, or the latest blog, book, or cereal box you’ve read… memes are injected.

Take care.

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