new ideas and new ways of viewing old ideas

new ideas and new ways of viewing old ideas

There is so much information out there that is stagnant and dead. They should be aerated, resurrected and given new life for a new generation. Reexamined and disassembled for utilization in creation of new ideas.

The point is, if there is scaffold blocking it, pull it down to show the true structure. If it needs a new paint job, paint it. If it has too many layers of paint, scrape it to reveal the true look.

Really try to understand what the originator intended.

Photoreading is a book I should review. I will reread it and do so. There are some interesting concepts I’ve gleaned from it.

One is the idea that an author pours his/her soul into the writing, and that can be transmitted to a reader (sometimes without even reading it, just by connecting with it).

This is foundational and scary.

It brings up the possibility to draw meaning from a book which is written in an unknown language. (I think the author’s soul may be muffled by the collaborators and editors helping to produce the story. But that is another can of worms.)

I am full of ideas… well, some would say I’m full of something!

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