Of all things known to man

Of all things known to man

…there ain’t nothing sadder than – the tears of a clown – when there’s no one around.

That was the song going through my head when I woke one morning… I have no idea why…

That is, until I looked down and saw my Little Fool doll… a court jester. Perhaps that is the connection to the song. Icon for the brand… Heresyman.

I recently took a quick trip to Japan for a friend’s wedding. I am really enjoyed going, even though I only saw her briefly. I can’t explain the relationship… She is like a daughter/best friend whom I only see occasionally.

I just like being around her. I am excited for her and husband’s new life together. He is a lucky man!

It was the first trip with Little Fool…

Yes, it is a bit silly, a grown man traveling with a doll.

I thought Little Fool might have to be restricted to the room.

But, Japan is land of iconic characters

Whenever I put Little Fool somewhere for a photo, the people around me smiled with understanding.

At the wedding, it didn’t seem appropriate to photograph Little Fool… but I found the groom had an icon of his own on the newlywed table… a character he picked up from a well known pastry shop in Hawaii, Leonard’s.

So, Little Fool did get one photo at the reception with a new friend.

As I move forward and decide if Little Fool will continue to play a role as Heresyman’s iconic character, I am reminded of a character/icon I drew back in my cartoon days. It was a court jester. I labeled it FFC, Fool For Christ.

At the time, I was thinking of a comedy sketch group… (I was a fan of Isaac Airfreight at the time.)

It is all part of the story – The Making of Heresymana timeline of a pilgrim’s regress.

So, my question to all who have read this far… should I continue with Little Fool?

Send me an email.


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