I have met the enemy and they IS us

I frequent many conspiracy pages. One running theme is how “THEY control everything”. The Powers That Be (PTB) are manipulating us. The Media control us! Movies plant memes in the masses. The “Fake News” doesn’t want us to know the real story. It is crazy!

The question is – who is THEY?

The elusive THEY. There are so many layers to climb through, and every level simply shows you are no closer to the truth.

I was watching an expose’ on how movies are “leaking” information to the masses. It is slowly leaked because we “can’t handle the truth”! The CIA controls Hollywood, they say… and all blockbusters must be “cleared”.

Everything is SECRET.

You get into the secret society, you find there are things that are TOP SECRET. Get into the TOP SECRET camp and find out there are things ABOVE TOP SECRET. No matter what level you are at, you find that you must have a NEED TO KNOW.

It is quite a quagmire to crawl through. I am thinking about a lot of things. I just end up piling up more questions… because – QUESTION EVERYTHING!

The musing I would like to share is about the collective unconscious. Here is my thinking: We are all connected unconsciously, when an idea occurs to somebody, it is basically broadcast to everyone. This explains why someone can come up with an original idea only to find a few months later, somebody else has started marketing it. Seriously, this has happened to me, and my slow, methodical way of doing things… I store the idea in memory and tell no one. It wasn’t stolen, the idea was broadcast and everyone had access to it. If this is true, then it is possible the idea wasn’t actually your own original idea… perhaps you were just a receiver of somebody else’s idea.

Here is another thought… false memories. Is it possible somebody watching a movie, and their thoughts are being broadcast into the CUW (Collective Unconscious Web), is it possible that someone could receive these thoughts as if they were their own? Perhaps as a dream fragment?

If this is all true… then NOTHING is truly SECRET.

What safeguards are set up in our minds to protect us from all of the crap flowing through the CUW? Is the Akashic Record getting filled with tabloid data? Are wacky worlds being created constantly? Are we completely out of control?

Probably… and we are all responsible for our own actions.

(This is really just Stream of Conscious… but it does make one think, right?)

We have to take an active part in what we think about. We can try to refuse to think negative thoughts, but how?

Go supernatural. Go beyond this plane.

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