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Hey, Four I’s!

I am. I know. I can. I will (instinct, intellect, intuition, and intention). Every individual is different. (Well, I’m not, but everyone else is.)

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Know what?

You know how, when you are a teenager, you know everything? Where does all that knowledge go? It seems the older I get, the more I don’t know. The person I am is more aware of the vastness of reality.

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I am back! Write on!

Being a loner is a part of me. Rather than an outcast, I am an outlier. I choose to step aside and observe. I choose to allow others before me. It is based on a meme implanted long ago, to

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Google is great at reinforcing people’s prejudices

An example, if a conservative, a radical, and a moderate all search for the same term, the answers will be different based on their prior searches. There is nothing wrong with the algorithm tailoring the answers to match the person.

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