Well, here we are one week into a new year!

2018 reduces to 11 and then to 2. I am not sure if that is important or not… but I like it. 11 is the first two-digit prime number… that is something! Speaking of prime numbers, 3 is the first prime number, eh? (I always argued that 1 and 2 were primes, but that is just me causing trouble.) Primes: 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19… I wonder if there is something with the repetition of the least significant digit.  3 is repeated often, 5 is never shown again. I will have to find a list to see. I am curious about numbers.

Tesla was enamored with the number 3, 6, and 9. I remember he had some charts which were very thought provoking. Tesla also believed in giving away his discoveries for the betterment of mankind. Money is the assumed culprit in the power struggle to keep the oppressed that way. In fact, it is truly power itself which is the culprit. Those in power need more. It is disgusting. I really should study Jean Jacques Rousseau to see about his revolutionary ideas and how they apply.

It’s all a numbers game!

Free power… it is possible. There is no reason we cannot enable everyone to reach their full potential. Synergy would power the machine. Human potential would run toward utopia. And why not?

I had a chance to see my favorite episode of Twilight Zone on New Year Day… To Serve Man. (My second favorite is the one where Mr. Bemus is all excited to finally be able to read all his books after all other humans are wiped out by a nuclear war… until he steps on his glasses, so he can’t.) The Kanamets bring peace and prosperity to earth. They only want to serve man. This episode is a fear mongering about aliens from outer space. In this story, the aliens domesticate humans and bring peace to planet earth… all so they can take us back to their planet as FOOD. The book they bring with them is titled To Serve Man and it turns out that it is a cook book. Classic… This episode was written by Rod Searling. It reminds me of one of my favorite movies, The Monitors. In that movie, earthlings assumed they had an ulterior motive, but it turns out, we just weren’t ready to join the galactic federation… too much fear and mistrust.

I want to help guide the planet toward a better way through the transition and transformation. The powers that be won’t like me. No sense waiting for spacemen to come save us, we’ve got to do it ourselves.

Welcome to the next level!

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