Sometimes they don’t get out of the car.

Sometimes they don’t get out of the car.

I saw Ford vs Ferrari this weekend.

Incredible acting all around. The opening scene with the assembly line of Falcons brought back memories of my first car, the 1963 Ford Futura Falcon, 180 cubic inches of pure power featuring the Ford HydraMatic 2 speed automatic transmission. (That’s the way I remember it, anyway.) Bench seat in the front… reminds me of a Cake song… stick shifts and bucket seats have got to go!

The acting superb all around, not only Matt Damon and Christian Bale, the entire cast was incredible. Oh, and the action scenes pulled you right in. Christian Bale’s character, Ken Miles, was the one name I was not familiar with. Phil Remin was another character who stood out to me, he is the glue that held everything together.

I left the movie thinking about the clash between Corporate and Creatives… and how important BOTH are. Incredible things happen when the balance is struck.

Now I will go back to my fast… a different kind of fast from what the movie was about. Day 2 done.

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