Meanwhile, back at transformation central

…things are changing. (HA!)

Change or be changed. Take an active role! Remember: Even a dead fish can swim downstream. Go against the flow!

Time is a gift of equality. Nobody has any more or less of it. It passes for everyone. However, perception of time is different. (A watched pot never boils.)

The speed of light is a constant, or so they say. There is evidence that the speed of light has been slowing down. If the speed of light is constant, then perhaps time is speeding up. Time dilation occurs when near strong gravity. If the speed of time can be altered perhaps travel through time occurs. Well, of course we can travel through time, it just happens that we can only travel through time at one speed in one direction.

Physics of time travel? Perhaps it is possible to travel into the distant future by traveling at a velocity near the speed of light, but it is impossible to travel back in time. Right? Well now, that would change everything if time could be reversed. If we could travel back in time and change history. Remember when that television show had technology to travel back 7 days? History was altered, but the time travelers remembered the alternate history. How can that be?

It is said that history cannot be changed, and any apparent alteration is simply a shift in potentialities for the time traveler. There is a shift to parallel worlds. There are infinite parallel worlds in which they are all nearly identical.

Who has time for all of this speculation?

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